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Forrest H4756 8″ x 5/8″ 24t Dado Blade Set

March 31st, 2013

The world's finest dado head cleancuts all your grooves! No splintering when cross-cutting oak, ply veneers and melamine. Perfect for flat-bottomed grooves. No staggered steps or round bottoms like a wobble-dado leaves! Cuts in all directions – rip, cross-cut, miter, any depth. Cuts all sized grooves 1/4" through 29/32" increments. Super-hard carbide gives up to 300% longer life, especially good on plywoods and abrasive particle-boards.

Steele Products SP-PB101 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand

March 30th, 2013

TABLE SAW – 3/4 H.P. 4800 RPM> 15 amp. 10 blade size. 3 cut capacity. 16 x 26 large die cast work table. Self aligning fence. Miter gauge. Dust collection bag.

Shop Fox G9220 The Classic Fence w/ 7′ Rails & Legs

March 30th, 2013

A Classic, time tested and proven design is now part of the SHOP FOX® family of high quality woodworking products. This 42" long fence has easily replaceable side panels made of HDPE plastic, a tough abrasion resistant material that is smoother than Teflon®. The fence body is heavy walled rectangular tubing for durability. A high visibility scale allows easy, precise and repeatable settings and the fine lined cursor can be mounted on either side of the fence body, depending on your preference. The fence locks positively into position with a cam-action lever, making one-handed fence adjustment a snap. The fence system comes with super heavy-duty front and rear rails which can be mounted on almost any size or brand of table or cabinet saw. Fence rails are epoxy painted for a long lasting finish. The fence can be lifted off the rails anywhere along its length for the ultimate in convenience. An optional extension table measuring 44" X 27" is also available to provide a large worktable surface. The extension table includes a leg kit which provides two 32" high adjustable legs to provide stable support for the saw and table assembly. The extension table is made entirely of hardwood plywood with a durable laminated surface.

Woodstock W2007 7-Foot Rails and Legs for Shop Fox Classic Fence

March 29th, 2013

Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table for Table Saws (40-102), Group D Routers

March 28th, 2013

Expand your table saw's versatility by adding this industrial grade router table in place of the extension wing. Perfect for shops where space is tight, ProMAX includes a cast-iron top, Bench Dog's 28" ProFence, a miter gauge track that adjusts for a no-slop fit, and a solid aluminum insert plate that is pre-drilled to fit your specific router. If workspace is an issue, the ProMAX has you covered. Its dual fence slot configuration lets you rotate the fence and work from either side of the table to maximize surface area. Plus, with a third miter slot at its disposal, your table saw becomes perfectly equipped to handle crosscut sleds.

Select a package that includes a plate pre-drilled to mount your router,
which should fall into one of the four groups listed below.

Amana 61363 ADJ 8″GROVER,TABLE SAW 5/8 BOR

March 26th, 2013

8 Inch Step Adjustable Groover for Table Saw

Infinity Tools 00-SBP3, 3-Piece Super 10″ + 12″ Table Saw & Miter Saw Blade Package

March 26th, 2013

The Super 10" 3-piece saw blade package contains a dedicated ripping blade, a dedicated cross-cut blade and the ultimate blade for your 12" miter saw. This blade package gives you the three most useful sawblades in the shop at an unbeatable value. Experienced woodworkers understand how important it is to use the right blade for each job and this package has been specially designed to give you the tools you need at the price you want. Use our 10" x 24-tooth Ripper to produce rips so smooth that they are ready for glue-up or final sanding. Use our 10" x 80-tooth Ultra-Smooth blade for remarkable chip free crosscuts in two-sided laminates, softwood, hardwood and plywood. For the cleanest and most accurate cuts on your 12" miter saw, use our 12" x 90-tooth Miter-Max blade. The Miter-Max produces excellent crosscuts in softwood, hardwood and plywood and is a must-have if you own a 12" miter saw. Every sawblade is given our exclusive Nickel Armor coating. This tough and durable Nickel coating extends the life of your blade by preventing rust and eliminating pitch and resin build-up.

Trademark Tools GRYD2Z0 GreenPower 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand

March 24th, 2013

Smallest modular pocket, offering even lower profile than the best-selling M-1. The front snap compartment will fit a cellphone or flashlight while the main compartment, with three small pack cloth subdividers, is the right size for GPS, small radio, digi

Freeborn Table Saw Bead Cutter TBS-2

March 23rd, 2013

Freeborn Table Saw Bead Cutter TBS-2

Infinity Tools 00-SBP5, 4-Piece Ultimate Table Saw Blade Package

March 23rd, 2013

This 4-piece saw blade package is possibly the most versatile and complete blade set ever invented. Perfect for the woodworker who wants excellent value in a top quality blade package and demands the best blade for every job. Use our 10" x 24-tooth Ripper to produce rips so smooth they're ready for glue-up without any sanding. Use the 50-tooth Combo-Max blade to rip or crosscut hard or softwood, plywood or composites. This is the blade that you'll usually keep in your saw and the one you'll turn to when you demand the best cut possible. The 80-tooth Ultra-Smooth blade is perfect for clean, chip-free cuts in two sided laminates or veneers. You also get the Dadonator, our multiple award winning 8" stacked dado set, item# SDB-800. This is perhaps the highest quality stacked dado set on the market. Inferior quality dado sets have 2 or 4 tooth chippers but our exclusive 6-tooth chipper design allows for perfect flat bottom dados with zero tear-out, even when cutting those difficult laminates and veneers. The set also features two outside blades with 24 tooth ATB design and six inside chipper blades; four 1/8", one 3/32" & one 1/16". It will cut perfect flat bottom dadoes from ¼" to 29/32" wide. Comes with complete instructions and precision dado shims for ultra-fine width adjustment.

Each sawblade as well as our dado set is given our exclusive Nickel Armor coating. This tough and durable Nickel coating extends the life of your blade by preventing rust and eliminating pitch and resin build-up.

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