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PSI Woodworking CJAWFJ1 Small Flat Lathe Chuck Jaws

November 30th, 2013

The Barracuda scroll lathe chuck from PSI Woodworking has jaws that open to accommodate a 5-inch bowl, and it's designed to allow you to finish bowls so it's ideal for turning bowl bottoms. The Barracuda is easy to adjust, with a three-position peg system. The small, flat jaws are compatible with all the PSI Woodworking 'C' style chucks.Scroll lathe chuck designed for finishing bowl bottomsJaws open to accommodate a 5-inch bowlEasy to adjust sizes with the 3-position peg systemCompatible with all the PSI Woodworking 'C' style chucksWeighs 2 pounds shipped

Bosch T234X Progressor Wood Blade (5-Pack)

November 28th, 2013

"ROBERT" T-SHANK JIGSAW BLADE 4-1/2" Progressor High Carbide Steel Bosch T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Used For Straight, Fine, Splinter-Free Accurate Cuts In Thin Or Thick Materials Such As Hard/Soft Woods, OSB, Particleboard, Plywood & Laminated Particleboard 5 Pack

DEWALT DW9199 6-1/2-Inch 24T Precision Framing Saw Blade

November 28th, 2013

DEWALTs Precision saw blades are revolutionary blades, which offer breakthrough performance, outstanding blade control, longer life and durability, are ideal for professionals tasked with applications involving framing, roofing and siding installation and concrete forms. These framing blades have a tooth geometry to feature a front face grind that creates a sharper tip that helps to reduce the blade's cutting force. They also feature an exclusive plate technology with resin filled expansion slots to dampen vibration and improve cutting feel and performance. To address durability, DEWALT incorporated a new anti kickback shoulder into these Precision Framing Blades. This anti kickback shoulder reinforces the carbide tip for impact resistance, and it also helps to reduce the risk of saw kickback.

Makita VJ01W 12-volt max Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

November 27th, 2013

12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw.

Factory-Reconditioned SKIL 4495-01-RT 6 Amp Jig Saw

November 26th, 2013

This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned generally means that the product has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the product back to like new condition. Some products may contain cosmetic blemishes. Includes 6 Amp Orbital Jigsaw – 4495-01-RT, Carrying Bag

Forrest WW10407080 Woodworker II Ultra Thin Kerf (.080″) 10″ X 40Tooth, 5/8″ arbor

November 25th, 2013

Thin Kerf Blade lets any saw work easier and more efficiently. Thin kerf reduces motor load and wastes less of your valuable stock. Plate thickness of .075, kerf is 5/64". Ultra thin kerf for precision work requires dampener / stiffener.

Set of 2 Lathe Wood Working Tools

November 25th, 2013

Made from 304 series stainless steel these tools are both tough and durable, not to mention corrosion resistant. No plating that flakes off over time, just stainless steel all the way! Set does not include handles; you will need to supply your own handle for these tools. Drill a 9/16" hole in a wooden handle, press in the tool and it will get a good grip on the tool. Tool holders are square all the way to prevent spinning in the handle thus making controlling it easier. All tools have a relieve angle underneath for more clearance, the round cutter has the sides relieved to make hollowing easier. Compared to high speed steel tools the carbide inserts will stay sharper much longer. When it does wear out, just rotate the insert for a new sharp edge that's identical to the previous edge. We have extra inserts and screws too.

DEWALT DW3768-5 3-Inch Masonry Board Cut Cobalt Steel T-Shank Jig Saw Blade (5-Pack)

November 25th, 2013

2583-1173 Features: -Reinforced tooth design provides increased cutting contact for precision and longer life.-Masonry and abrasive board blade type.-''T'' shank.-Carded. Color/Finish: -Side chip path removes debris for superior finish. Dimensions: -3'' length.

CMT 256.050.10 ITK Industrial Combination Saw Blade, 10-Inch x 50 Teeth 1FTG+4ATB Grindwith 5/8-Inch Bore

November 23rd, 2013

This blade features a thin kerf, which makes it ideal for saws that are a bit underpowered, but at the same time this tool delivers great performance. You will be satisfied with the excellent price/quality ratio. The laser cut heavy-duty blade plate is hardened to allow for great resistance (46-48 Rockwell in hardness) and features expansion slots to reduce noise and anti-vibration design. The teeth are made of micrograin carbide to ensure long-lasting cutting performance and deliver smooth cut on wood and wood products. These are brazed to the blade body through a special trimetallic bond (copper-silver-copper), so that longer cut performance and resistance are guaranteed. Blade is delivered in a unique CMT plastic case.

6″ Face Plate

November 22nd, 2013

Rikon 6" faceplate

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