MLCS 9318 6-Inch Magnetic Digital Height Gauge

February 14th, 2013

A multi-purpose dust and oil resistant gauge! Set the cutting height on your router table, table saw or other Woodworking machines. It can also precisely align your jointer knives or even measure thickness (when placed on a true-Flat surface). The strong magnetic base allows easy mounting to ferrous machine tables or fences. Accurate to within 0.001-Inch. Measurements are read in the large, clear LCD display to 0.0005-Inch, 0.01mm and 1/128-Inch. The stainless steel beam with solid aluminum alloy base keeps the digital height gauge steady while making height adjustments. It can be zeroed at any point. Max measurement height is 6-Inch. Extra battery included.6-Inch CapacityMagnetic BaseAccutrate to 0.0005-InchFraction DisplayHeavy Duty

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