General International 25-300M1 14-Inch by 30-Inch Wood Lathe

February 6th, 2014

General International 25-100 M1 MAXI-LATHE, Wood Turning Lathe

January 14th, 2014

Features:Quick lock control levers easily position tool restLarge 10-inch inboard turning capacityCast-iron frame, head and tailstock to reduce chatter and vibration for smoother turningMaximum turning capacity of 15-inches between centersWith optional bed extension (sold separately), maximum turning capacity of 45-inches between centersV-belt provides smooth turning – 6 speeds: 480, 1270, 1960, 2730, 3327, and 4023 RPMSpindle thread: 1-inch – 8 TPIHollow tailstock: 3/8-inch diameterMorse taper: MT-2 (headstock and tailstock)Self ejecting travel: 2 inches (51 mm)Tool rest: 6 inches (152 mm)Face plate: 3 inches (76 mm)Weight: 106 pounds (45 Kg) What's In The Box:General International 25-100 M1 Maxi-Lathe Wood Turning LatheLive centerSpur centerKnockout barSafety glasses

General International 25-036 36-Inch Wood Lathe Duplicator

December 26th, 2013

For anyone who has to make more than a single turned object, duplicators are almost essential to a good job-most tables, for example, look more professionally done when all the legs match. A smooth hand wheel controlled rack and pinion system creates perfectly matched spindles with ease. Works off a template or original turning and features extruded aluminum base and carriage, high-speed steel cutter and fits most 12" to 22" floor model lathes with cast bedways. Specifications: Maximum duplicating length: 36" Maximum duplicating diameter: 2"- 20" – depending on lathe swing over bed Maximum duplicating depth: 3" Maximum original spindle diameter: 5" Maximum width of template: 3" Maximum depth of cut per pass: 1/4" – 1/8" recommended

General International 20-100 M1 Variable Speed Power Feeder

April 27th, 2013

This compact power feeder is great addition to any home workshop. Designed to be universally adaptable on a variety of wood working tools, including table saws, bandsaws, shapers, and jointers. Features variable speeds in forward and reverse, high-grip polyurethane rollers, and an adjustable mounting plate that fits a variety of machines. Specifications: Speed Range: 6.5 to 40 FPM. Number of Rollers: 3 roller sizes: 3" x 1-3/16". Minimum Length of Stock: 3-1/2". Dust Chute: 2-3/4" (Note: Dust Chute will have to be punched out for use). Roller Suspension. 5/8" Motor, 1/8 HP 110V 1PH, 1.2 A.

General International 880-M3 16-Inch Planer and Jointer 5HP 3/230/60 with Helical Cutterhead

January 24th, 2013

General International 880-M4HC 16-Inch Planer and Jointer 5HP 3/208/60 with Helical Cutterhead

January 24th, 2013

General International 880-M37HC 16-Inch Planer and Jointer 7.5HP 3/230/60 with Helical Cutterhead

January 23rd, 2013

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