TROJAN MM-48 Miter Midget Saw Work Support Accessory

February 4th, 2013

The Miter Midget is an accessory that can be clamped in the jaws of various workbenches (such as the Black and Decker Workmate) and used to help support long material when cutting with a miter saw. The MM-48 consists of a powder coated 1-Inch square steel tube that is clamped in the workbench, and a telescoping extension tube with an 11-Inch wide vertically adjustable "T" for supporting the board being cut. The "T" can be adjusted up to a height of 7-Inch above the work table's surface. While not a heavy duty industrial type product, the Miter Midget is still adequate for a lot of light duty projects which require support of material such as lumber up to 8 or even 10 feet long. Can be used in sets of two if support is needed both to the left and the right.

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