Woodtek 95-430, 5-pack, Machinery Accessories, Table Saws, Table Saw Sanding Disc, 10″

March 21st, 2013

Flat and bevel side for mutiple applications. Not just a flat disc with sandpaper, this machined aluminum sanding disc – 10" dia. with 5/8" arbor hole – has been designed to be used with your table saw and fence to accurately joint edges and sand freehand: Convex side is tapered 3° for 90° jointing; bevel joint by tilting the arbor – instructions included. Flat side works as a disc sander at any angle. Uses 10" dia. , pressure sensitive adhesive abrasive discs with 3-1/2" center holes – holes fit over raised rims on either side of sanding disc to ensure proper alignment. Imported.

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